DJ OloGi


DjOloGi aka Capt Groove aka 1/3 of the best group on the planet!! 
Being raised on the greater westside of Atlanta, Georgia. DJ OloGi started pursuing music as early as elementary school. Learning piano, saxophone drums and bass all before graduating high school.
After earning accolades on a collegiate level.Dj OloGi went on to start his own company JetLag Entertainment LLC.
While working at a warehouse he met a artist named Keepitswain. They begin to produce an insane amount of records together in a sort amount of time in no time at all.
While developing content with Swain,
OloGi was also introduced to recording vocalist Rravii threw his cousin, and proceeded to collaborate
with her on a daily!
In one particular studio session when the three of them was present together. DJ OloGi suggested that “all of us” should start a music group known as the soul trio
The New Groove.” And so it began...